Making brands stick

With friction comes traction, propulsion and ultimately acceleration. It gets you to your desired destination.


The fault lines of collaborative thinking provide fertile opportunities to spur brands forward. Sparks fly when contrasting ideas rub against each other. It's the crucible of creativity, provoking thought, heating debate, illuminating insight and igniting action. Likewise, successful brands share similar frictional qualities. As relevantly differentiated promises, they adhere to audience expectations while running against the grain of category norms.

Friction's process is driven by listening – properly. Only by so doing can points of opportunity and challenge be determined; those areas of attraction and abrasion for both the category and audience. It's not simply a case of walking in another's shoes. It's vital to understand the complete experience; to picture the other's gait, ascertain habits, to discern the wish-list and contenders for the next shoe purchase.


A firm grasp of business ambitions, management perspectives, audience profile and competitive context, provides a solid foundation for developing a specific value proposition and distinct brand positioning. Once established, names, taglines, messaging systems — all the manifestations of that essential DNA — can be created accordingly.


And when they catch, momentum is fueled.